2023 Semaine du cerveau conferences

March 17th, 2023

Talk on the topic of ‘Visual Illusions’ during the conference series ‘La Semaine du Cerveau’ at Uni Dufour. This annual event, organized by the Geneva University Neurocenter, offers a wide audience exposure to central questions in neuroscience and cognitive sciences. I’m thrilled to be a part of such a significant occasion, where we can shed light on these fascinating subjects.

2023 RTS Radio show "CQFD" on motivation

January 12th, 2023

Sami’s interview on the radio show « CQFD » on RTS. The conversation delved into our recent publication with Giulio Matteucci and Maëlle Guyoton in Neuron, elucidating the impact of motivation on learning and decision-making in mice. You can find the link to the broadcast below. 

2021 cohort of FENS-Kavli Scholars

April 21th, 2021

Sami El-Boustani is thrilled and honoured to have been selected as one of the 2021 FENS-Kavli new Scholars. This is a great opportunity to promote Neuroscience around the world and push forward new policies to make this field more inclusive, more open and more enjoyable for all of us!

Launch of the green seminar series

December 19th, 2019

We are thrilled to participate in the organization of a new Green Seminar Series in Geneva which aims to reduce the carbon footprint by inviting renowned scientists to share their work through a virtual visit of the department. Please visit greenseminars.ch to learn more about it!

Neufo xmas party 2019

December 12th, 2019

The El-Boustani lab with the help of an amazing team of students from the NeuFo department organized this year Xmas party on the Bateau Genève. Crazy costumes, smoky cocktails, beer pong and lively karaoke made for an unforgettable evening. Looking forward to next year!

Exactly One year later - Lab inauguration

November 15th, 2019

We were happy to host colleagues, family members and friends for this lovely evening and to share champagne and Lebanese food to celebrate the first months of the lab! We are delighted to be part of the NeuFo department and we look forward to the coming years!


October 22th, 2019

Sami and co-authors have been awarded awarded the Aspirational Neuroscience Prize from the Brain Preservation Foundation for their paper « Locally Coordinated Synaptic Plasticity of Visual Cortex Neurons in vivo » published in Science in 2018.

El-Boustani Lab opens soon!

November 15th, 2018

Sami El-Boustani has been awarded the SNSF Eccellenza Professorial Fellowship. He will join the department of Basic Neurosciences at University of Geneva as an assistant professor in 2019.