The team

Sami El-Boustani

SNSF Assistant Professor

Sami obtained his PhD in neuroscience from Sorbonne University in 2011, working with Alain Destexhe (CNRS) on computational models of cortical dynamics. He then joined the laboratories of Mriganka Sur (MIT) and Carl Petersen (EPFL) as a postdoc to study plasticity and perception in sensory systems.

Giulio Matteucci

Postdoctoral Associate

Giulio obtained his PhD in cognitive neuroscience from SISSA in February 2020. During his PhD he worked with Davide Zoccolan (SISSA) studying shape and motion processing across the rat visual cortex by combining extracellular electrophysiology, behavior and computational modelling. 

Maëlle Guyoton

Graduate Student

Maëlle obtained her Master degree from  University of Bordeaux in 2019. She will study mechanisms of synaptic integration at the single-neuron level that orchestrates how internal representations of the world in the brain shape sensory perception and guide behavior.

Anas Masood

Graduate Student

Anas received his Bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from Habib University,  Pakistan. He then pursued a Master in Neurosciences through the Neurasmus Scholarship, studying at Vrije University Amsterdam and Université de Bordeaux. He is interested in explaining neural circuits of social games and their reward-value representations in the behaving brain.

Lucile Favero

Master Student

Lucile obtained her Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Geneva in June 2020. She is currently doing a double Master in Mathematics and Neuroscience. She will focus on computational learning models.


Master Student

Grihmalkin obtained their Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences from University of Fribourg in June 2021. They are currently starting a Master in Neuroscience and will focus on optogenetic manipulation of brain circuits involved in sensory perception and behaviour.

Andrea Valderrama

Master Student

Andrea obtained her Bachelor in Biology from the Pontifical Xavierian University in Colombia. She then did an internship at UNAB (Chile) in Neuroepigenetics lab studying activity-dependent myelination. Currently she is doing a Master in Neuroscience Master project studying joint  perceptual decision-making in mice.

Aude Imbruglia

CFC Technician

Aude joined the laboratory in September 2021 to complete a two-year CFC training in laboratory techniques.

We are hiring!

Graduate student

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD  student to validate new visuo-tactile decision-making tasks and characterize goal-directed multisensory integration across layers in the mouse posterior parietal cortex using state-of-the-art functional and anatomical mapping techniques .


Yesica Gloria
Master student (2020)